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Today's state healthcare systems must meet several key challenges.

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These healthcare challenges call for advanced analytics and a partner that has the expertise to help find solutions for these challenges.


Prescription drug spend in 2020 reported by CMS1


gross Medicaid spending on the 50 most expensive drugs in 20191

The challenge

State Medicaid programs are obligated to provide the most recent drugs to beneficiaries while balancing the limited state budgets and the sky-rocketing cost of specialty drugs.

MercerRx Government provides the cost-saving strategies you need.


Providing you direction to enlightened analytics

Introducing MercerRx Passage

Our proprietary pharmacy rate-setting platform provides greater insight and transparency. This newly-released, best-in-class technology allows us to respond rapidly to market fluctuations and nimbly adjust to changes in our clients reimbursement approach. Multiple sources of data are now funneled and connected through a single source of truth. This results in more unified, accurate and fair rate calculations. MercerRx Passage provides the balance:

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Your Medicaid providers want fair and equitable reimbursement

MercerRx Passage is a central resource for providers to submit their invoices or rate inquires - an easy Passage!


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Your Medicaid beneficiaries need access to the care they require

MercerRx Passage is a client dashboard that highlights survey and rate metrics as well as trends to help determine coverage options - spotlight Passage!


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You must achieve the state's financial and budgetary goals

MercerRx Passage is a rate calculation application that increases the accuracy and efficiency resulting in more defensible rates​ - your Passage


MercerRx Passage

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Our Solutions

Pharmacy Program Efficiency

A state case study to assist our state fee-for-service (FFS) Medicaid clients in becoming more efficient purchasers of pharmaceuticals, we need to accomplish two tasks. First, we must determine the level of program efficiency the state desires to purchase. And second, we must identify the service areas in which opportunities exist.

Specialty Drug Management

Specialty brand drug cost is currently one of the most important factors driving drug trends. As specialty drugs make up increasingly larger portions of state Medicaid pharmacy budgets, states must address ways to manage costs.

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1 CVS Caremark 2020 Drug Trend Report
2 Rx Price Watch Report: Trends in Retail Prices of Specialty Prescription Drugs Widely Used by Older Americans, 2006 to 2020
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