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A Day in the Life

The best part of our day, even before coffee, is the generous feedback from our clients. It keeps us motivated and is a fantastic reminder of why we all do this, together.

  • "The Mercer team came together and produced a solid, comprehensible model design."


    - Director, Division of Health Services


  • "I value and rely on the services that our Mercer team provides."


    - State Pharmacy Director


  • "Every single interaction I have had with Mercer has exceeded my expectations."


    - State Deputy Director, Health Services


  • "It’s been an honor to work alongside you all...very appreciative of your commitment to our programs."


    - Executive Director, Health Care Finance


  • "A huge thank you to you and your team for your wherewithal, patience, and diligence on the rates report!"


    - Project Planning Director, Department of Health and Human Services


  • "I can't thank you enough for your assistance. I felt hopeful after today's call...we could not have done this without you."


    - Director, Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance


  • "I am so grateful for you and your team! You have all been a dream to work with."


    - Clinical Program Planner


  • "The Mercer team was very accommodating in the scheduling of their visits and their flexibility was key to meeting the needs of our busy clinics."


    - Director, Community Health Services


  • "I really appreciate your dedication, skills, and knowledge. I am glad to have you and Mercer as a partner in this work!"


    - Behavioral Health Senior Program Advisor


  • "It's a unique skillset to advise not just on one aspect of the Medicaid program but on all aspects of the Medicaid program."


    - ODM Legislative Liason


  • "The staff who Mercer made available to us were uniquely qualified as well as candid in their communications, resulting in trustworthy advice."


    - Director of Community Health Services


  • "Thanks, all, for your efforts and patience; it seems clear to me that Mercer has been extraordinary in responding to last-minute requests."


    - Medicaid Economist


  • "Mercer had excellent experience with the subject and provided outstanding service/expertise with this very large and complicated project."


    - Assistant Director, Office of Health Services


  • "Thank you so much for partnering with us. I truly believe this is the best thing we can do for the kids in care and am happy to see the positive benefits realized."


    - Deputy Director


  • "[Mercer] worked to set expectations with timelines and stick to it. The collaborative nature, quality of work and pace of progress has been fantastic."


    - Assistant Director, Health Care Services


  • "I just want to express how pleased I am with the progress thus far. The collaborative nature, quality of work, and pace of progress has been fantastic."


    - Deputy Director


  • "Mercer's customer service was excellent. Our project manager is very customer service focused and coordinated timely and thorough responses."


    - Assistant Director, Health Care Services


  • "The Mercer Team always shines during the presentations and yesterday was no exception. Thank you for the hard work, preparation, and strong delivery."


    - Assistant Chief Financial Officer


  • "I can't say enough about how much we appreciate the work Mercer has provided for this project."


    - Program Manager


your partner in supporting

the most vulnerable populations

Children, the disabled, and those struggling with difficult medical conditions utilize the Medicaid system across the country. Our partnership with states is a reminder of who we ultimately serve.