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    Robert Butler

Principal and Long-term Care Lead

Robert is a Principal and client leader in the Atlanta office of Mercer Government Human Services Consulting (GHSC). Robert has extensive experience in public and private long term care strategy, including nursing home consulting, FFS rates, and LTC/nursing home rebalancing.  


Robert worked in various aspects of the health care industry. His government experience includes managing the Bureau of Medicaid Program Analysis for the state of Florida. His Mercer and state projects and responsibilities have included:

  • Participation on Mercer’s Bid Review teams for 2010 Medicare Advantage (MA) bid submissions
  • Projection of membership and cost impacts of Medicaid Reform initiatives and other changes to eligibility and covered benefits
  • Management and implementation of Florida managed care rates for Medicaid HMOs, Nursing Home Diversion Programs and Prepaid Mental Health Plans
  • Development and negotiation of the Florida Medicaid Reform 1115 Waiver; preparing budget neutrality projections for Louisiana Medicaid Reform 1115 Waiver
  • Oversight of the preparation of Medicaid rates for hospitals, nursing homes, facilities for the developmentally disabled and other institutional providers
  • Review and management of Florida financial projections for multiple federal waivers, including those related to home and community based services and managed care programs
  • Management of the Florida program auditing institutional provider cost reports
  • Review and management of the Florida Medicaid caseload and program expenditure projections for the state budget
  • Assistance with the development and management of Florida’s Medicaid Disproportionate Share Program and Low Income Pool

During his experience in the private sector, Robert worked with entities providing him experience in the long-term care and managed care industries. His experience includes:

  • Preparation of nursing home costs reports
  • Preparation of financial projections for regulatory filings for long-term care facilities, including certificates of need
  • Review and analysis of managed care rates and related methodologies
  • Promotion of the integration of Medicaid and Medicare services through coordinated rate development for Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNPs)


Bachelor in Accounting, Florida State University

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