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The depth of Mercer GHSC staffing resources

Our specialist in all facets of Medicaid, are backed by the strength of Mercer - the world's largest benefits consulting firm.  We believe the combination of our firm's experience and the capabilities and expertise of our GHSC staff makes Mercer the most cost-effective consulting firm.*

The GHSC specialty practice employs more than 280 individuals, all dedicated to helping states efficiently purchase health care.  Among them are credentialed actuaries; accountants; clinicians including psychologists; nurses and pharmacists; policy and operations specialists; waiver specialists, and data/encounter specialists.

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Our office business leaders

Mercer has 35 offices in the U.S. with 45,000 employees. Mercer Government Human Services Consulting has offices in four locations - Arizona, Georgia, Minnesota and the District of Columbia - in addition to remote employees throughout the country. Our office business leaders have extensive experience in the healthcare and governmental industries.

Our office sector leaders

Mercer Government has four sectors - pharmacy, actuarial, clinical and behavioral health, informatics, policy and operations. Each sector leader has a diverse background in their field with the ability to also provide cross-sector experience. Laura Nelson, Ph.D. is our Clinical & Behavioral Health Lead. Doug Shannon it the Informations Lead. Shawna Kittridge is the Pharmacy Lead. Meredith Mayeri is the Policy & Operations Co-Lead. Mike Nordstrom is our Actuarial & Financial Lead

Team Member Spotlight

A few team members discuss their experience working at Mercer.


Actuarial Analyst

I have the opportunity to work on projects that are both engaging and meaningful. I get to make the most of my skills and to learn new ones while I collaborate with some of the brightest people in the industry to create solutions for our clients. I am surrounded by the support and enthusiasm of my colleagues.

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Government Consultant

From Pharmacy Analyst to Informatics Project Manager – Mercer has allowed me to grow in the areas that I chose giving me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. This continuously challenges me to grow—and the work is meaningful. The best part about working for GHSC is my colleagues. They are truly bright and supportive, and willing to mentor me throughout the various stages of my career here.

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Senior Consulting Analyst

I am professionally rejuvenated by my young and talented colleagues at informatics as we evolve our technology during this period of exciting challenges with data analytics and innovations in business and artificial intelligence.  Big Data and the Medicaid Enterprise is about to take us all for a wild and crazy ride, hop on!

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Senior Clinical Consultant

Since joining Mercer, I have enjoyed working within teams of really smart people with a wide range of experience to bring a high quality product to our customers with the goal of improved healthcare.  

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Take a look at our recruiting materials to learn more about the government sector of Mercer. Interesting in working here? Visit mercer.com/careers and search for "government". We look forward to meeting you!
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Government Recruiting

Clients are best served when we have fun and work together as a team. Learn more about what it's like to work here!

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Mercer Government Overview

View our infographic which provides an overview of our services, culture and values. We are proud to partner with states in their healthcare management.

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