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Our office business leaders

GHSC has four offices across the U.S. located in Arizona, Georgia, Minnesota and Washington, D.C. in addition to remote employees throughout the country.

Our service sectors

We have teams of individuals specializing in the critical and strategic areas our clients require:


Laura Nelson, our CBHS Leader

Laura is a Principal with Mercer Government Human Services Consulting, a speciality practice devoted to publicly-funded health care programs.

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Mike Nordstrom, Our Actuarial Leader

Mike leads this business group. His background includes risk and claims analysis, capitation rate setting and project management.

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Meredith Mayeri, Policy & Operations

As co-lead for our POpS Sector, Meredith is responsible for reviewing federal Medicaid, CHIP, and health care reform laws, regulations and policy in order to assist clients.

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Doug Shannon, Informatics

Doug manages this sector by providing his insight and knowledge to clients through all sectors including actuarial, pharmacy, policy, operations and clinical and behavioral programs.

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Shawna Kittridge, Pharmacy Leader

Shawna utilizes her past Medicaid experience and knowledge of the pharmacy industry best practices to assist clients in maximizing their drug expenditures.

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The depth of Mercer GHSC staffing resources

Our specialists in all facets of Medicaid, are backed by the strength of Mercer - the world's largest benefits consulting firm.  We believe the combination of our firm's experience and the capabilities and expertise of our GHSC staff makes Mercer the most cost-effective consulting firm.*

The depth of Mercer GHSC staffing resources, experts in all facets of Medicaid, is backed by the strength of Mercer, the world’s largest benefits consulting firm. We believe the combination of our firm’s experience and the capabilities and expertise of our GHSC staff makes Mercer the most cost-effective consulting firm.

The GHSC specialty practice employs more than 200 individuals, all dedicated to helping states efficiently purchase health care. Among them are credentialed actuaries; accountants; clinicians including psychologists, nurses and pharmacists; policy specialists; waiver specialists; and data/encounter specialists.

*2014 Business Insurance Ranking


Michael Smith

With a background in EVV implementation at the provider level and telephony policy development at the state level, Mike appreciates the practical issues associated with implementing an effective system. He joined Mercer after directing the Division of Community Systems Transformation for the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services and he understands the federal and state partnership in Medicaid. He brings an interest in not only supporting states with meeting the requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act but ensuring that the broader impact on the Healthcare Information Technology ecosystem is considered as states move forward.

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Laura Nelson, PhD

Laura is a board-certified psychiatrist who brings extensive Medicaid managed care clinical and administrative expertise to the Mercer team in the areas of mental health, substance use disorders, and intellectual/developmental disabilities. Her experience ranges from direct care within inpatient and outpatient settings to state-level executive leadership positions in public health, behavioral health, and intellectual/developmental disabilities.

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Kim Donica, Principal

Kim joined Mercer in July of 2017 with over 30 years of experience developing and implementing Medicaid programs and polices across the long term care continuum. Kim has helped support EVV efforts in several states and her experience includes: development and implementation of communications and stakeholder engagement plans, development of EVV business requirements,  RFP requirements and RFP scoring tools as well as development of new polices and operational processes needed to support EVV implementation.

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