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State of Missouri

Providing services since 1993

Missouri HealthNet Division

  • Actuarial Analysis and/or Rate Setting
  • Health Plan Reviews and/or Compliance Audits
  • Pharmacy Services (Analysis/Policy)
  • Procurement / Solicitation Assistance
  • Disease Management
  • Waiver and/or State Plan Assistance
  • Encounter Data Collection & Analysis
  • Benefit and Eligibility Change Analysis
  • Program Implementation
  • Child Welfare
  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Contractor Reporting and Monitoring (Financial, Quality, Operations)
  • Data Analysis and/or Benchmarking
  • Health Care Reform/Uninsured

Angie WasDyke

Client Leader

As a Senior Partner, Angie leads the state service teams in actuarial and Medicaid projects. Clients appreciate her ability to communicate actuarial issues.

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Our Clients

An Overview

This map is a summary of our experience for states and the federal government.

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State of Missouri

Missouri HealthNet Division

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Data Specialists

Our expert team has over 15 years of experience assisting many of the nation’s largest Medicaid programs with better use of their detailed and summarized encounter and fee-for-service data.

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Clinical Quality

Team of Clinicians

We help government agencies design, implement, and monitor programs that enhance the quality of care for covered populations while reducing their financial and operational burdens.

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Health Care Reform

Team of Specialists

Through its intense Medicaid/government focus and extensive experience working with many of the world's largest employers, Mercer can assist states in preparing for the impact of health care reform.

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